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Are you on the lookout for Restaurant & Bar Franchise Opportunities that are unique in the industry?

At Bohemian Bull, we firmly believe that no bar franchise like us offers investors the opportunity to personalize their experience while following a seamless startup process.

Our mission is to positively influence everyone we come in contact with and be an active part of our communities. So take a load off, grab a drink, and learn more about our pub franchise opportunity.

 Bohemian Bull is a bar franchise opportunity


Our Mouthwatering Bar Franchise Investment

We wanted to create a bar franchise opportunity for you that provides everything you need to start from day one. Trust is an essential part of any franchise opportunity, and it’s our responsibility to provide you with all of the information you need to make an educated investment. Below are all some of the numbers you’ll need to consider for opening a high-quality Bohemian Bull beer garden franchise.

Check our Restaurant & Beer Bar Franchise costs:

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Net Worth
$ 0
Liquid Capital
$ 0
Franchise Fee
$ 0
Estimated Initial Investment

Craft Beer, Cocktails,
Quality Food; What’s Not to Love?

When you step into a bar franchise or a pub franchise, the perfect complement to your time spent is crave-worthy food and even better drinks with a craft beer.

Bohemian Bull Franchise offers guests an extensive menu with lunch and dinner options, as well as a comprehensive list of craft beers, bourbons, and cocktails to choose from. There’s something on our menu for just about anyone, whether you are taking the family for a nice night out or grabbing a drink with an old college friend.

You can’t fake fresh; Bohemian Bull customers are fun-loving people who also care about quality, from the food they order to the customer service they expect.

There are four points of focus when we open our doors for the day:

Quality Food and Drinks

This isn’t some fast-casual grease griddle chain serving up lackluster flavors or flat drinks. No, everything on our menu is put together with authentic ingredients that make our customers come back for more every time they visit.
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Friendly Service

Customer service and hospitality are incredibly important to us, and your Bohemian Bull staff should share those same values.
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We pride ourselves in a clean restaurant. Honoring what our guests have trusted us with is important to us and we take it seriously.
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Welcoming Atmosphere

At Bohemian Bull, you feel the energy when you walk in the door. The lighting, and smiling faces will make you feel at home and our customers can also enjoy an open area to kick back and relax. This option includes both outdoor and indoor seating with a large bar serving up tons of local craft beer.
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If that all sounds like the American restaurant franchise you’ve been looking for, it might be time to give us a call.

Why Start a Bar Franchise?

Starting a bar on your own isn’t always a walk in the park; you can take that from us. Franchising is a great way to mitigate some of the most frequently experienced pain points in that process. We’ve worked closely with the franchising experts to perfect the experience of partnering with our brand. What we’ve taken away is the ongoing importance of nurturing a healthy relationship with franchisees to accomplish a common goal.

Why start a Bohemian Bull Bar Franchise?

We can provide you an incredibly unique opportunity to customize your bar franchise to your liking and avoid anything cookie-cutter. Your restaurant will be suited up with your local flavor giving you the chance to get creative.

The options are endless with Bohemian Bull, and in addition to that, you can also look forward to:

A dedicated management team

Assistance with finding local vendors

Marketing support

Help to hire staff

Consultation with a team that is willing to listen and and work with you to achieve success

Here is just some of what Bohemian Bull franchisees get back in return for their initial investment:

Franchise Opportunities Locations

An Opportunity to Invest in an American Restaurant Franchise

The year 2020 was certainly a reality check for business owners in the restaurant industry, but experts believe that there are assuredly better days ahead. We want to stay transparent with you because investing in our restaurant and bar franchise is an important life decision.

Bohemian Bull operated exclusively as a takeout restaurant early on in the pandemic, but we still hit the same sales numbers as the year prior. Why? The relationships we made with customers were strong, and Bohemian Bull could weather the storm thanks to that loyalty and our dedicated staff.

In 2022 we are expanding our brand by offering franchise opportunities to hardworking individuals who are committed to make their dream a reality and are searching for:

Bar Franchise OpportunitieBohemian Bull Franchise
0 %
Increase in chain restaurants in the US business growth in 2021
$20- 0 billion
Sales that are up for grabs, mostly in the full-service category
$ 0 trillion
Restaurant industry sales by 2030
$ 0 billion
Estimated Initial Investment
craft beer franchise

You Have Questions;
We Have Answers

Of course, we expect you to come up with some questions regarding our experience before making a final decision. We want to help you get some of the answers you need, so here are just a few of the most frequently asked questions we get about our bar franchise:

Marketing training is an essential part of your onboarding process. We have the marketing know-how and the technology to help you promote your business both efficiently and effectively. Our team will remain active in your efforts to market your Bohemian Bull location.
No, Bohemian Bull franchise owners should be passionate about their work and willing to go the extra mile to see success within their investment. We love what we do and hope to bring on franchise partners eager to roll up their sleeves and put in the work.
As of 2021, there is only one Bohemian Bull location set in James Island, SC. We wanted to perfect our flagship business before considering offering franchise opportunities. Now that we have perfected our franchise concept, we’re excited to offer our beer garden franchise investment to qualified entrepreneurs.

Business Opportunities and Resources

Bar Franchise FAQ

Is a business model in which an individual or organization pays a fee and agrees to abide by certain rules and guidelines to operate a bar franchise using the trademark and business model of the franchisor. The franchisee receives support in multiple areas like site selection, training, marketing, and ongoing operational assistance.

Some of the benefits of owning a bar franchise include:

  • Brand recognition and credibility.
  • Proven business model. reducing the risk of failure for the franchisee.
  • Support and training: comprehensive training and ongoing assistance.
  • Marketing and advertising.
  • Opportunities for networking.
  • Growth potential.

We will speak with anyone eager to start a bar franchise of their own, but we’d prefer you have some sort of restaurant management experience. Operations or any hospitality experience is also welcomed, but no matter what, our ideal partner should share our same values for quality food and sublime customer service.

For a Bohemian Bull franchise owner, that initial investment estimate begins at around $470,417.

This number includes a franchise fee of $50,000. Some of how much it costs to open up a bar is dictated by the location and build-out. For a beer garden concept, the initial investment estimate can go as high as $1,206,500. Also Investopedia puts the cost to start a bar between $100,000 and $850,000.

Yes, you can choose your own location for the franchise. We provide support and guidance in selecting the ideal location based on our expertise and experience in the industry. Choosing the right spot could depend on a number of variables like: visibility, accessibility, parking, size, safety, seasonality, and surrounding competition. Currently our target markets are: Florida, Georgia, Nort Carolina, South Carolina and Texas. More: franchise available territories

Beer is typically marked up by 200% to 300%. While craft beer is usally more expensive to buy wholesale, so the markup is lower.
Due to the mass closures of bars, tasting rooms, and seemingly any place to gather, the industry posted its first-ever decline in volume in 2020. The craft beer industry delivered good news in 2021. The volume of barrels produced increased by 7.9%, reaching almost 24.5 million barrels.
Craft beer is typically for people who like something different from the big brand, mass produced beers. It has more flavor and personality than those other beverages which are dominate by them in stores across America!
There are two types of competitors in this space: small local operations who create their own original recipes; and large national companies that make drinks seem “crafty” but still pack an ABV higher than 5%.
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