Own a Next Level Brewery Franchise

A huge part of Bohemian Bull Tavern & Beer Garden’s identity revolves around our craft beer menu and the relationships we’ve developed with local, regional, and national craft brewers. 

While we are not a brewery franchise of our own, we can appreciate the creativity, innovation, and passion that goes into brewing craft beers with nuanced flavors people love to drink. In fact, our not being a brewery franchise is a bonus: it means we can bring our guests a large variety of craft brews from many different brewmasters from local, regional, and national craft breweries.

The extensive selection keeps them coming back, so we keep honing our craft beer menu to discover new brewers and share old favorites with our regulars and new guests alike.

The Craft Brewery Industry

In 2021, US beer volume sales were up 1%, according to The Brewer’s Association. Within this total number, craft brewer volume sales grew 8%, which gave small and independent brewers’ sales a rise of 13.1%

The craft brewery industry has been the darling of the beer industry for the last decade. In 2010, there were just 1813 independent craft breweries in operation. By 2021, craft breweries have grown to 9,247

For Bohemian Bull, that means there’s a lot of variety and talent in those brewery franchises where we can showcase their craft brews on our menu.

Our Commitment to Top Notch Brewery Franchises

Many breweries tend to focus on their immediate communities, which is why many craft brewery franchises don’t gain regional or national recognition.

At Bohemian Bull, we put a lot of effort into developing relationships with local breweries. Not only do we believe they have a lot to offer their communities, but we think many of them have the chops to gain traction with a wider audience.

We’ve sourced our craft beer menu options from brewers up and down the East Coast as well as across the US. We love the local gems, but we also want to bring talented brewers from a wider region to our guests’ attention.

The beers on our craft beer menu come from brewery franchises in Colorado, Maine, California, Michigan, Florida Georgia, North Carolina, and locally to us in South Carolina

Every beer on our menu lists its location so our guests see where the beer was brewed and can learn for themselves about the brewer. This is just one way we demonstrate our commitment to the craft beer industry and the brewery franchises in it.

Bohemian Bull’s Craft Beer Menu is an Homage to the Brewery Franchise

How do we maintain the high standards we’ve set for our craft beers? By keeping our menu as up-to-date as we can.

We keep the menu fresh with a new Beer of the Month option for our guests who may be looking for something they’ve never tried.

The menu is divided into flavor profiles, such as wheat (lighter) fruity beers or sour (wild) ales. We also keep IPAs, lagers, and stouts in their own categories so they’re easier to find. In this way, our menu remains less overwhelming while still offering great variety in our 31 distinct craft beers on tap. 

With our range of local, regional, and national brands, Bohemian Bull’s craft beer menu is anything but boring, and rotates through a unique collection of brewery franchises our guests may never have heard of. Freshness and seasonality are almost guaranteed.

Our build-your-own flights give our customers the chance to try up to four unique craft beers at a time. The conversations surrounding these custom flights are some of our best interactions with our guests, and what being a brew pub franchise is all about.

What Does it Take to Own a Brewery Franchise?

One of the biggest hesitations for owning a franchise brewery may be brewing the beer itself. It’s a complex undertaking that can be intimidating. 

That’s part of why being a part of the Bohemian Bull franchise family is so rewarding—you can get all the benefits of being in the microbrewery franchise industry without the required experience of brewing a craft beer. 

Not to mention getting to work with a multitude of brewery franchises as the Bohemian Bull craft beer menu evolves and spotlights different craft brews. Building your own relationships with local craft brewers can be equally rewarding!

How do you become a Bohemian Bull franchise owner? Your first step is to fill out and submit the quick form on our site. You can also download our free ebook to learn about the Bohemian Bull origins and the wider brew pub franchise industry as a whole.

Once you’ve been awarded your Bohemian Bull franchise location, you’ll receive expert advice from our franchise development team to take you from the day you sign your franchising agreement through to your grand opening. 

We use cutting-edge tools to help you through the site selection process, and we offer our expertise and professional advice on the leasing and build-out process to make your Bohemian Bull Tavern & Beer Garden location everything it’s meant to be.

You’ll also receive extensive training and development on all our procedures. This includes the initial building of inventory and creation of the Bohemian Bull signature menu, back office administration, front of house procedures, POS systems, payroll, scheduling, and so much more. 

For your grand opening, Bohemian Bull team trainers will help you train your staff and ensure your opening day runs flawlessly. Our development team will also help you with marketing prior to the grand opening to bring guests through your doors. We’ll guide you on how to build relationships with the people you’ll begin making memories with through your Bohemian Bull franchise.

Your new tavern and beer garden franchise is an investment in your future. We’ll continue to support you beyond your grand opening with continued marketing, operations, and additional training as necessary to help you create a beer garden with a craft beer menu that highlights brewery franchises locally and beyond.

If this sounds like a great way to be part of the craft brew industry without needing to learn the complexities of becoming a brewmaster, then contact us today to learn more about becoming a Bohemian Bull franchise owner. We can’t wait to speak to you!

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