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Craft Beer Franchise Investment - Bohemian Bull Franchise

Start Your Craft Beer Business

When you’re ready to start your bar and grill franchise, team up with an experienced franchisor like Bohemian Bull. Our history in the industry and individual guidance can help you create a well-planned and realistic budget.
After your initial investment, you’ll identify your franchise location (following our specifications) and take it from zero to the grand opening. Training and guidance from our corporate location will help get you up to speed in no time, and you’ll soon have the tools to help you launch your craft beer franchise. With Bohemian Bull’s help, you can enjoy your opening rather than worrying about endless red tape and expenses. More: bar and restaurant investment

Restaurant & Craft Beer Franchise Costs and Explanations

If you’re considering a craft beer franchise or microbrew franchise, we’re here to help make everything as simple and clear for you as possible.

1. Franchise Fee

First of all, there is the franchise fee. Your Bohemian Bull franchise fee is $50,000, and it’s a ticket to a lot of benefits, starting with our brand name on your craft beer franchise. You also attend our in-depth training and gain access to our highly experienced and dedicated management team, who will work with you and help to set you up for your future with Bohemian Bull.

2. Initial Investment

Your initial investment for a craft beer franchise can range between $508,000 and $1,242,500 when you join the Bohemian Bull family. That includes the franchise fee as well as many other craft beer franchise costs. Learn more about how much it costs to open a bar here.
We’ve carefully estimated this investment range to help ensure that your craft beer franchise has everything it needs to start strong within your community and create happy Bohemian Bull customers.

3. Minimum Liquid Capital Requirement

Along with your initial investment, you also need to consider the minimum liquid capital requirement. We prefer our franchise owners to have between $75,000 and $150,000 available in liquid capital – but why is this important?
The projected initial investment is designed to include liquid capital covering the first three months of your Bohemian Bull journey, a critical time of any business launch.
We want to assist you in getting your franchise location off to the best start possible. Our craft beer business for sale could be your key to a future with Bohemian Bull.

Craft Beer Business: What’s in it for You?

Your franchise fee gives you access to our brand, and you can give it your own flavor. Blend our sense of bohemian with your local trends – we encourage you to build off of our foundations as you create a Bohemian Bull location in your area.
You join the brilliant Bohemian Bull family when you become a franchise owner with us. You’ll understand where we’re coming from once you meet our team and go through our in-depth training at our corporate location – or maybe it’ll hit you when you’re serving exceptional food within a lively, unconventional atmosphere at your own Bohemian Bull location.
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Should You Buy A Craft Beer Franchise Or Start Your Own Business?

Craft beer pub franchises present a fantastic business prospect, leveraging well-established procedures, frameworks, and operational methods. When entering the realm of self-run enterprises, especially within the craft beer industry, the responsibility of overseeing all elements becomes entirely yours, a potential challenge that might seem overwhelming.
This is precisely where the allure of craft beer pub franchises comes into play. They simplify the initial establishment process and revenue generation, frequently enabling business owners to attain profitability more swiftly compared to those commencing from the ground up.

Key Investment Benefits in the Craft Beer Business

Let’s take a look at some of the more concrete benefits that you’ll get in return for your initial investment in a craft beer franchise. They include:

  • Initial start-up training for you as the franchise owner, and for some of your key team members
  • Permits, licensing, and location leases
  • Software and technology costs
  • Signage
  • Furniture and equipment
  • Utilities and Insurance
  • Inventory
  • Marketing for your grand opening

We’re with our owners through thick and thin. Trust and dedication on all sides make a difference, as do loyal and dedicated customers and employees. Our strong, lasting relationships are one of the best benefits of becoming a Bohemian Bull franchise owner.

Ready to Learn More about the craft beer business?

If you need more reassurance, keep reading – or contact us! We take pride in being a friendly bull, so we take care to go the extra mile and give you all the information you need, whether it’s about locations, build-out, food, or craft beers.
Once you meet our financial requirements, we’ll give you every benefit that we can to get your Bohemian Bull location up to speed. Brand recognition, strong community spirit, endless experience… You name it, we’ve got it!
If your gut instinct has kicked in, then feel free to get in touch with us today to learn more about the franchising process with Bohemian Bull. You can also check out our franchising process on our website. Don’t be afraid to take that first step and lean on us to start your journey and create your dream brewery franchise, complete with your drive to grow and our industry experience.
Bohemian Bull is ready to lead you on an amazing journey into the world of craft beer franchises, and we’re only a phone call away.

Bohemian Bull Has Craft Beer Business for Sale

Even if you’re passionate about craft beer franchises and think you know the industry inside-out, you might still be anxious about opening a restaurant on your own.
At Bohemian Bull, we understand the restaurant industry and how to help our franchise owners feel confident about their investments.
Beer Franchise Garden for Sale

Craft Beer Business FAQ

How Much Experience Do I Need in the craft beer Industry?

No prior experience in the beer industry is required to become a successful craft beer franchisee. But, owners should be passionate about their work and willing to go the extra mile to see success within their investment. 

What Is the Average profit margin on craft beer?

Beer is typically marked up by 200% to 300%. While craft beer is usally more expensive to buy wholesale, so the markup is lower.

How is the current craft beer industry?

Due to the mass closures of bars, tasting rooms, and seemingly any place to gather, the industry posted its first-ever decline in volume in 2020. The craft beer industry delivered the good news in 2021. The volume of barrels produced increased by 7.9%, reaching almost 24.5 million barrels.

What is the target market for craft beers?

Craft beer is typically for people who like something different from the big brand, mass produced beers. It has more flavor and personality than those other beverages which are dominate by them in stores across America!

Who are the competitors in the craft beer business?

There are two types of competitors in this space: small local operations that create their own original recipes; and large national companies that make drinks seem “crafty” but still pack an ABV higher than 5%.

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