The 8 Best Bar and Restaurant Equipment Essentials

Bar and restaurant equipment play a crucial role in making patrons happy. Additionally, bar and restaurant equipment can improve efficiency, reduce errors, and help eliminate unnecessary waste. 

Whether you need new equipment for your venture, or you are in the market to upgrade your establishment, the focus should not always be on the latest and greatest appliances or gadgets. Instead, you should consider restaurant and bar equipment that will improve productivity, workflow, and automation, and will handle heavy wear and tear. So read on, as we explore the best bar and restaurant equipment for every type of establishment.

1. POS and Ordering Systems

POS and Ordering Systems

Every restaurant and bar revolves around customer orders – from specialty cocktails and appetizers to entrees and orders with specific instructions. POS and ordering systems are essential restaurant and bar equipment for any establishment. With tech advances and lower costs, staff can use smart devices to relay orders to the kitchen and bar to better coordinate operations and eliminate miscommunication. Additionally, the final bill can be processed at a central location or on personal smart devices to minimize wait times, improve customer turnover, and increase sales.

2. Security Systems

Security Systems

Security is crucial to every restaurant and bar, yet it is the one bit of equipment that is frequently overlooked. Within the realm of bar and restaurant equipment, owners should consider more than just a basic alarm system. Wifi cameras in strategic locations inside a restaurant or bar, the back of the house, along the outside, and even in the walk-in give owners a sense of crowd size, allow them to monitor operations, reduce product waste, and even theft.

3. Invest in at Least One Good Ice Maker

Invest in at Least One Good Ice Maker

Every restaurant and bar needs an ice maker. Ice makers serve multiple purposes, from creating cubes for cocktails and margaritas to cooling down racks of ribs after they’ve been slow-cooking, ice baths for dessert recipes, and myriad others. But not all ice makers are created equal. Some are more energy and cost-efficient than others. Plus restaurant and bar owners need to consider how quickly ice is created, the volume of customers and the need for ice from open to close, spatial requirements, and other factors. An efficient ice maker with fast production rates and low maintenance can go a long way toward keeping customers happy, lowering costs, and increasing the bottom line.

4. Cooking Appliances

Cooking Appliances

Cooking appliances are cornerstones among bar and restaurant equipment. Sure, it’s nice to have a high-end convection oven with multiple broilers, or an in-house gas-powered grill, but before you sink a large portion of your budget into appliances, you need to consider two things. First, unless your establishment has an open kitchen, no one is going to see your high-end appliances except for your employees. Second, bar and restaurant owners need to consider their menus and customer volume. Keep in mind the type of restaurant or bar you intend to run, your audience, your average turnover, and the maximum number of orders that can be handled before investing in cooking appliances.

5. Dishwashers and Glass Cleaners

Dishwashers and Glass Cleaners

If there is one truism about bars and restaurants, it’s that everything always needs cleaning. For this reason alone, it is important to include cleaning appliances among bar and restaurant equipment. Dishes, utensils, saucepans, baking sheets, and more need to be cycled regularly – sometimes multiple times per hour. Getting a high-powered industrial dishwasher means tables can be set and food can be cooked. On the bar side, it might be wise to invest in a separate appliance specifically designed for cocktail and pint glasses, so bartenders do not have to constantly rush back to the kitchen with a load of empties to have them washed. Keeping the bar a relatively self-contained department within a restaurant minimizes workflow disruptions.

6. A Commercial Coffee Machine

Commercial Coffee Machine

Every restaurant needs a quality commercial coffee machine. Since over 60% of Americans drink coffee regularly, it only makes sense to have a commercial coffee machine in-house to offer people their favorite beverages – whether they are ordering a cup with dessert, having a specialty coffee drink from the bar, or offering your staff a source of caffeine throughout their shifts. Some restaurants will pair a commercial coffee machine with an espresso maker, but it depends on the type of restaurant you own and what you are offering to your guests.

7. Refrigeration

Refrigeration restaurant

From meat to desserts, bar mixers, fresh fruit, and everything in between, every bar and restaurant relies on efficient cold storage. Whether your establishment requires a walk-in, or you want to have a large refrigerator/freezer with see-through doors so you can easily assess inventory, commercial refrigeration is a must among bar and restaurant equipment. Coolers, refrigerators, freezers, display cases, and more have come a long way over the years, so it is wise to do your research to make sure you invest in the appliances that are right for your restaurant or bar.

8. Storage Racks and Shelving

Storage Racks and Shelving

Not all restaurant and bar equipment needs to be high-tech, but it does need to be sturdy and functional. Storage racks and shelving are staples of every establishment. Commercial kitchens need storage racks and shelving for dry ingredients, plates, utensils, pans, and more. Additionally, bars need storage racks and shelving for glasses, garnishes, and to display their spirits. When shopping for bar and restaurant equipment, always remember storage racks and shelving, because your staff will need accessible and sturdy places to put things.

Starting a Restaurant and Bar

Finding the best bar and restaurant equipment can seem overwhelming. There are so many options and always new advancements in technology. Add to that factors such as the type of establishment you own, the number of guests, kitchen size, the type of menu, the size of the restaurant, bar capacity, and more, and finding a starting point can seem impossible unless you have a plan.

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