7 Top Bar Ideas for Your Business

Running a bar franchise is great because it provides a friendly place where people can gather over great food, a wide selection of drinks, and a pastime that brings everyone together: sports.

Yet running a bar franchise is much more than putting up a few large TVs and some memorabilia. With that in mind, let’s dive into some of the best bar ideas for businesses to give current owners, emerging entrepreneurs, and franchise investors some tips for maximizing appeal, attracting customers, marketing, and more to help them stand out from the competition.

1. Multiply Your Crowds with Multiple Screens

Many people come to gather at their favorite bars to watch sports. Since multiple games are broadcast at any given time, having multiple TVs is a great start – having them situated not just at the bar, but in the sightlines of the surrounding booths and tables keeps everyone engaged. Remember that being able to watch games keeps patrons watching from start to end, which means they are more likely to order food and drinks for the duration.

2. Seating Is Essential for Any Bar

It’s not enough for a bar to have ample seating – it needs to be comfortable and sturdy. Among the top bar ideas for your business, comfortable seating is paramount for getting customers to stay for one or more games throughout the day. Since a lot of people go to bars in groups, providing comfortable seating is a great way to retain customers and encourage them to keep coming back in even larger groups.

3. Show Local Support for Favorite Sports Teams

One of the most impactful bar ideas businesses can make is to designate your establishment as the place for locals to gather to support their favorite teams. In Louisiana, it’s going to be the Saints and the Pels. In Chicago, it’s going to be the Bears and the Bulls. Figure out which sports teams are favored in your area and make your place a home for the fans. Want to go a step further? Take this sports bar franchise marketing tip to the next level and support local college teams to draw even larger crowds.

4. Keeping a Bar Jumping All Year Long

There are times when sports games are not shown, but bar franchises still need to draw customers. As far as fresh bar ideas for your business go, owners need to think outside of the box. Trivia nights, karaoke, fundraising events for local groups, and more are all great ways to draw crowds during those times in between seasons or when games are called for weather. Being able to reach into your bag of tricks and pull out something scheduled or on the fly will keep customers entertained and enjoying everything on the menu.

5. Target Local Markets

Whether your bar franchise is a regional or nationally recognized brand, the important thing is where your venue is located. You and your staff can take to social media with paid ads or regular posts to drum up interest locally for events at your sports bar, food and drink specials, and more. This is one of the easiest and most cost-effective bar ideas for your business that you can invest in, and you can do it in-house. Social media posts only take a few minutes tops, but the short and long-term rewards show up in your bottom line.

6. Automation Keeps a Bar Franchise Running Smoothly

If there was only one item on the list of top bar ideas for your business, it would be to invest in technology that empowers automation. From taking orders to keeping track of parties at tables, serving, cleaning up at night, and prepping for crowds in the morning – automation is key. Technology allows patrons to enjoy themselves and focus on games and conversation, and it allows staff to focus on their jobs without getting distracted. Behind all of that, automation allows sports bar franchise owners to reduce mistakes, cut down on waste, and increase revenue.

7. Private Parties Make a Bar Franchise Special

One of the top bar ideas for businesses is allowing customers to reserve part of your establishment for private parties and events. This could be anything from a business lunch to a bachelorette party, to a fantasy football draft party, or anything in between. This keeps the party contained for their activities, but also allows attendees to come out into the general area to watch different games, get a drink at the bar, or mingle with other patrons. Private functions also provide another form of revenue, and are typically easier to manage with dedicated staff.

A Bar Franchise with All the Best Practices

Among franchises, there is one that employs all of the best bar ideas for business – from atmosphere to catering private events, marketing, comfortable seating, and everything in between. Bohemian Bull Tavern & Beer Garden brings the comfortable, eclectic, and laid-back setting of James Island in South Carolina and brings that philosophy to each of our establishments. We employ the top bar ideas for business to set a new standard in pressure-free fun and memorable times, and a place where people want to go with their friends – and make new ones along the way.

People come to relax and watch sports on our big screens while they eat from our extensive menu of high-quality food and choose from our immense selection of craft beer, bourbon, whiskey, and specialty cocktails.

Bohemian Bull is expanding, reaching into new territories to offer a very unique and unconventional alternative to run-of-the-mill sports bars. For those looking to invest in bar franchise expansion opportunities with high ROI, prices people love, VIP rewards programs, the best technology to automate operations, and low startup costs, Bohemian Bull hits the mark every single time.

If you want to learn more about how we help our franchisees become success stories in their own right, get in touch with the team at Bohemian Bull Tavern & Beer Garden.

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