The Top 11 Sports Bar Franchise Best Practices

Sports bars are a $2 billion industry with great potential for success. Depending on the location, popularity, and operating expenses, a sports bar can be one of the most lucrative small businesses available.
Continue reading this post to learn all about the 11 top sports bar franchise best practices, marketing tips, and more for optimal success in your franchise investment.

What is a Sports Bar?

A sports bar is a dynamic and social hub that promotes camaraderie and combines the excitement of live sports with a vibrant atmosphere, offering a unique opportunity for ownership. As a sports bar owner, you’ll create a lively space where patrons can savor delicious food and drinks and foster a sense of community. It is an appealing venture for those passionate about sports and entertainment.
Making a sports bar “the place” patrons want to go to watch the big game takes some work. The sports bar franchise best practices below will give you a place to start.
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What are Some Sports Bar Best Practices?

If your goal is to create the best sports bar possible, some of these sports bar franchise best practices can help to maximize your investment.

  1. Bar Seating – Be sure you invest in plenty of seating options. Some people want to sit at the bar, others are more comfortable in chairs or couches. The comfier your patrons, the longer they will likely stay and keep drinking and eating.
  2. Offer Craft Beer – Nothing goes with sports like beer. Offer your customers a wide variety of craft beers and other signature drinks. Have something for everyone.
  3. Keep a Lid on Lighting – When hosting TV events, arrange things so the lighting doesn’t glare on the screen. Turn down overhead lights during the event, but ensure servers can see well enough to walk around safely.
  4. Theme Your Bar – Customers love themed bars. Pick something aligned with the local culture or a specific team and design the bar around that theme. Keep consistent with colors, uniforms, and decorative effects.
  5. Games & Other Sports – Sports fans love to play games other than just watching televised events. Fill up your space with dart boards, pool tables, and arcade games to keep your customers happy and busy.
  6. Design Considerations – Make your bar the focal point of the room. Design upscale bathrooms and keep them spotless. Try unique lighting and other essential fixtures that set your place apart from the competition.
  7. TV Placement – TV placement is crucial in a sports bar. Ensure everyone in every seat can easily view the action from a big screen.
  8.  Location, Location, Location – Be respectful of your location, and don’t decorate your bar with a rival team’s colors or trinkets. Be true to your fanbase’s preferences.
  9. Rely on Upsells – Design your menu, drinks, and aesthetic around upsells. Show off your most expensive items and offer customers free “tastes” to get them hungry for more. Invest in attractive lighting to showcase your bottles and put drinks in fancy glasses.
  10. Invest in a Good Sound System – During low sports times, you will want to have an impressive sound system to provide fantastic acoustics for streaming music or hosting live artists.
  11. Don’t Skimp on the Details: Always offer the freshest ingredients with high-quality, mouthwatering menu items your customers can’t get enough of. Train staff to always be super friendly and welcoming. The atmosphere in your sports bar matters and can keep customers coming back for more.

Effective Marketing Strategies for Sports Bar Franchises

Sports Bar Franchise best drinks
Regardless of the type of business, successful marketing starts with connecting with your audience. If you are promoting a sports bar, that means becoming a fan so you can get inside the heads of your customers and learn what they want and need.
Some tips for sports bar franchise marketing include:

  •     Name specialty drinks or food dishes after local teams to entice regular customers.
  •     Run limited-time offers such as bonus appetizers or signature drinks if they attend a specific sporting event or buy tickets early.
  •     Invest in pay-per-view to offer all the big events, from boxing and wrestling to tennis, football, soccer, the Olympics, and beyond.
  •     Sponsor a local sports team and post pictures of the players on social media to increase your involvement and attract new customers.
  •     Shake things up when no games are on and host trivia, karaoke, or live entertainment nights. Run ads online to entice the crowds.

Sports Bar Franchise Expansion Opportunities

Once you have established your sports bar and you are following reputable sports bar franchise best practices for success, you may desire more.
Many franchises offer you the opportunity to expand with additional locations. You may save money by enjoying a discount if you purchase multiple franchises. One successful location could lead to others until you have an entire fleet of restaurants catering to sports enthusiasts all over.

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