7 of The Latest 2024 Trends for Cafés, Pubs and Juice Bars

As generations evolve, new trends emerge along with them. The drink franchise industry is no exception. To remain competitive in the marketplace, you must be aware of these trends and cater to different groups demanding the latest creations.

Let’s explore the drink trends on the table now and coming up in 2024 so you will be prepared for the next phase of evolution for your bar or restaurant.

2024’s Trends in the Drink Franchise Industry

Drink franchises are all the rage these days. If you do a little research, you will find dozens of new juice places, coffee houses, and even specialty drink purveyors popping up all over the country. Trendy drinks are especially healthy vitamin-infused concoctions these days.

Although the market is saturated with drink franchise opportunities, these trends will eventually plateau, and only the strong will survive. That is the thing about trends; they tend to come and go with the tides. What is popular today may not be tomorrow.

If you want to invest in a drink franchise, be careful not to jump on the latest trend. Look for a solid brand with reputational stamina and a proven track record of success and stability.

Key Trends in the Drink Industry

The market is saturated with new ideas of how to attract customers. Some of the latest drink trends include:

1. Ready-to-drink (RTD) Beverages

Ready to drink RTD Beverages 1

One of the latest drink trends is ready-to-drink beverages. Even fancy hotel bars like the Marriott are serving canned alcoholic beverages. Don’t let the packaging fool you. Although housed in aluminum, many of these beverages are high-quality liquor drinks.

These RTD cocktails are cost-effective and easy to serve, saving the bar money and time. Not only are these drinks pre-made, but they come in a wide variety of flavors and combinations, and customers are dying to try them. Ready-to-drink beverages are made with high-quality ingredients and authentic flavors. Customers can choose from low-calorie, low-sugar, low-alcohol, and premium spirits. They come in convenient recyclable packaging, making disposal easy.

2. Low Alcohol Content Drinks

Low Alcohol Content Drinks 1

Low-alcohol-content drinks are becoming trendy, especially popular with Gen Z patrons. The term “sober curious” is tossed around frequently in connection with these lower-than-average alcohol content drinks for customers who want to party but don’t want to get intoxicated. Moderation is the trend for 2024.

3. CBD-Infused Drinks

CBD Infused Drinks 1

CBD is showing up everywhere, and now the market is seeing many CBD-infused cocktails and mocktails. Some places are even serving CBD coffee drinks. As one of the many drink trends to watch, this one is designed to offer the customer a unique and relaxing experience.

4. Eco-Friendly Drinks

Eco Friendly Drinks 1

The growing eco-consciousness of the Gen Z population, combined with news about the dangers of plastic, has prompted another drink trend towards eco-friendly packaging. For example, many restaurants are stocking boxed wine to serve with meals. It is easy to store, preserves well, and provides a more sustainable option that is preferably hygienic and carries a lower carbon footprint than bottled wine. Boxed wine is also easier and cheaper to transport, along with being a friend to the environment.

5. Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea 1

Regarding drink trends, bubble tea continues to explode across the nation. Although it’s been around since the 1980s, bubble tea is another favorite of the Gen Z demographic, expected to grow extensively over the next few years.

6. Spiked Soda

spiked sodas 1

Along the same lines as the low-alcohol content drinks, the industry is also seeing spiked soda as an option on many bar and restaurant menus. Drink specialists are looking for ways to indulge patrons who are mired in moderation and don’t necessarily “not want to drink” but don’t want to overindulge either. Spiked soda, coffee, and tea are other drink trends to watch.

7. Retro Cocktails

Retro Cocktails 2

With all these modern drink trends, seeing something coming back for a change is nice. Classy cocktails are making a big comeback, and even younger generations are ordering an Old Fashion, Harvey Wallbanger, Salty Dog, Lemon Drop, Pina Colada, and a good old-fashioned Martini. However, the Martini has seen an upgrade with dozens of variations in circulation, including an espresso martini that is said to be top shelf.

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