Bohemian Bull: The Franchise Bar and Grill that Stands Out

Investing in a franchise, particularly a restaurant franchise, can take away some of the guesswork in creating a growing, thriving business.  At Bohemian Bull, we’ve gone even further with our franchise bar and grill investment strategy.  By pairing with franchising experts, we’ve perfected our franchise model from the outset to give our franchise owners a leg up in a tough but rewarding industry.

How is a Bohemian Bull Franchise Bar and Grill Different?

Part of the lure of a franchise investment is that much of the legwork on brand identity and marketing has been worked out for franchise owners.  With a bit of capital, franchise owners can become part of a franchise family, taking advantage of the brand recognition that’s already been created.  The possible drawback for many bar and grill franchises is that each location can seem repetitive and flat, without much distinguishing one from the other.

A Bohemian Bull bar and grill franchise is different.  The beauty of the Bohemian Bull franchise bar and grill is that we’ve built personalization by franchise owners into our brand.  We love giving flexibility to our franchisees to capture the local flair of every location for a distinct experience for our customers.  We recognize that each location is part of a local culture and hope to celebrate that as part of our brand’s aesthetic.

For example, a Bohemian Bull franchise bar and grill in a college town could demonstrate loyalty and school pride by incorporating the school’s colors into the location’s decor, hosting college-themed events, or booking musical talent for the beer garden to provide a place where students can get away from the stresses of classes and studying. 

A Bohemian Bull bar and grill franchise in a tourist destination could celebrate the uniqueness of the scenery with an open-air beer garden for quality nightlife the tourists may be looking for during their vacation.  We also make room on our menu for local delicacies that visitors can be excited to try.  Our flagship location in Charleston, SC has attracted residents and visitors alike with our crave-worthy menu that offers local cuisine with a twist to keep it fresh.

It’s this freedom that a Bohemian Bull franchise bar and grill offers that makes us stand out as a restaurant franchise for investors looking for a little more control over their investment.  

The Bohemian Bull Franchise Bar and Grill Brand Identity

The Bohemian Bull brand has been carefully crafted to provide customers with a place they can relax, make memories, enjoy their surroundings, and celebrate the local culture.  We also strive to support local vendors as much as possible by sourcing ingredients as close to home as we can.  This also helps our franchise owners customize their menu to include regional flavors that can’t be found just anywhere.

A Bohemian Bull franchise bar and grill is a place where people can relax, enjoy a craft beer or fine cocktail, watch a game, and catch up with friends over a delicious, craveable meal.  We also host events, such as trivia nights, and live music to keep customers returning.  Our flagship location takes advantage of our proximity to fresh seafood with weekly oyster roasts to celebrate our Charleston heritage.

The Bohemian Bull beer garden atmosphere is another way we aren’t the average franchise bar and grill.  We give our franchise owners a lot of flexibility in their location’s build-out, so they can attract customers looking for a specific vibe.  The beer garden creates the atmosphere and opportunity for fantastic themed events to keep the good-time vibe going. 

Our franchise owners are able to blend their aesthetics with our brand, including with interior design, which is a big part of the customer experience. So how can you get started with the bar and grill franchise offered by Bohemian Bull? 

Candidate Qualification

After you submit your form, we open with initial talks where we learn about you, your interest in opening a franchise bar and grill, and if we are a good fit.  We discuss your goals, management style, relevant experience, and financial qualifications.  Once that’s all in place, your official induction into the Bohemian Bull brand family begins!

Brand Introduction

Our Bohemian brand webinar will encompass the beginning of the Bohemian Bull company as well as detail some of the finer points surrounding the opening of a Bohemian Bull bar and grill franchise.  As we review our bar and grill franchise model, we will go over the company leadership structure, training and support programs, and we’ll break down the investment potential, followed by an interactive Q&A with our development team.

Becoming a Bohemian Bull Franchise Owner

When the application is finalized and you’re awarded your franchise bar and grill, the exciting process of opening your Bohemian Bull beer garden begins.  Your franchise fee of $50,000 gives you access to our brand name and our dedicated and highly-trained development team, who will take your Bohemian Bull journey with you.

Through our research, we’ve determined that the liquid capital requirement of between $75,000 and $150,000 is the necessary investment for the first three months, which is a crucial period in the launching of any business.  This will help us to give you the best start we can with your Bohemian Bull bar and grill franchise.

Your total investment will range between $508,000 and $1,242,500, which encompasses the franchise fee, startup costs, and beyond.  This covers everything you need to build a Bohemian Bull bar and grill franchise you can be proud to own and that your customers will love.

The Benefits of Investing in a Bar and Grill Franchise

As part of your investment in a Bohemian Bull franchise bar and grill, you’ll have our full backing from the beginning, with guidance on location selection and build-out, staff training, and your grand opening.  We’ll assist as you secure permits, licensing, location leases, signage, furniture and equipment, utilities and insurance, inventory, software and technology, and marketing materials.

This is a journey we can take together. You can build a Bohemian Bull beer garden and gastropub that will have your customers coming back time and again to relax, eat unforgettable food, enjoy the local nightlife and entertainment, and create new memories.   

Our lasting relationships with our franchise owners are just one more stand-out part of an amazing investment opportunity unlike any other with Bohemian Bull.

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