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Craft Beer Franchise Investment - Bohemian Bull Franchise

At Bohemian Bull Tavern & Beer Garden, we love a good beer. Since our restaurant opened, we’ve crafted a fantastic craft beer menu that’s the hallmark of a good beer franchise. Why? 

There’s nothing better than kicking back with a good craft beer full of flavor and complexity while watching the big game, meeting new people, or making memories with long-time friends.

What is Craft Beer and Why Does it Make a Good Beer Franchise?

What makes a beer a craft beer? It starts with all-natural ingredients. Then, the brewing process has many more steps than a typical national beer. 

This allows brewmasters greater control over the brewing process so they can infuse their beers with incredibly nuanced flavors inspired by special ingredients.

Any good beer franchise is going to pay close attention to the beer on its menu, and a Bohemian Bull beer garden franchise is no different. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of what our customers want, and for the last several years, that includes craft beers.

Craft beer is gaining in popularity because the flavor is more complex and drinkers connect with the story behind each beer’s creation. Adventurous beer drinkers are often impressed with the way brewery franchises experiment with their ingredients to uniquely flavor their beers.

How is Craft Beer Made

Craft beer brewmasters start with malted barley that’s mashed and boiled in water to transform the starch into sugars. Hops are added to balance the flavors of the sugar. 

Yeast is then added to bring on fermentation, which turns the sugars to alcohol over the next few days or weeks. Once the brewmaster is satisfied with the timing, the beer is clarified and filtered. Then it’s packaged and distributed to places like Bohemian Bull Tavern & Beer Garden.

Sometimes, this process is interspersed with extra steps, which is where different ingredients are added to enhance the craft beer’s flavor. These can be anything from spices like clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg, to floral ingredients such as vanilla bean, lavender, and rose. 

Many craft brews experiment with tropical flavors such as lime, peach, passionfruit, watermelon, coconut, pineapple, blood orange, guava, or other exotic flavors.

Because of this diversity of choice, Bohemian Bull beer franchise has made sure our craft brew offerings are extensive and come from local and regional brewers alongside our national brands. We give our customers everything they could possibly want in a craft brew menu.

The Craft Beer Industry at a Glance

According to the Brewer’s Association, the overall US beer market is $100.2 billion, and the craft beer segment accounts for $26.8 billion of that amount. 

There are 9,118 craft beer breweries in the United States. Regional craft breweries make up 65.7% of that number, followed by microbreweries at 18.4%. Taprooms, brewpubs, and contract breweries round out the rest.

Sales volume for craft beer grew by 8% in 2021. This increased the small and independent brewers’ share of the beer market by 13.1% of the total volume.

Bohemian Bull is a Beer Franchise on the Rise

We make it easy for our customers to discover new craft beers by offering a large selection of local, regional, and national beers on our Draft Menu. 

It’s what a good beer franchise does. Our craft brew offerings are the perfect pairing with live music in our beer garden, a rousing trivia night, or a relaxed and vibing seafood bake.

The menu is split by flavor profile to showcase which beers cater to specific tastes. Not many craft beer franchises can say they offer what Bohemian Bull can with our extensive list of craft beers. Here’s how we celebrate all things brewed.

We start with the Beer of the Month so our guests can find something they’ve never tried before.

Then, customers decide if they’re in the mood for an IPA, lager, or stout, and our menu further breaks that down into flavor profiles like sour (wild) old ales or wheat (lighter) fruity beers. 

We do this so our customers are less overwhelmed because there are so many choices at a Bohemian Bull beer franchise.

Each beer on our menu is described to a T, and the brewery and its location are also provided so our guests know the locality or region of the beer. That way, if they love what they’re drinking, they can find it again and give Bohemian Bull the credit for a match made in heaven. 

We also rotate our menu regularly to highlight new craft brews and keep up with the flavor trends that are capturing people’s attention. Our craft beer menu is also rotated seasonally, so our guests can order what they’re in the mood for all year round.

For guests who can’t decide—and that happens quite often—we let them build their own flights by choosing four out of our thirty-one draft beer offerings. We genuinely love to see what our guests choose and watch them light up with enjoyment.

Learn How to Start a Tavern Business

Owning a Bohemian Bull Beer Bar Franchise

For investors asking how to invest in beer that can be found in the craft brews industry, the answer is signing a franchising agreement with Bohemian Bull Tavern & Beer Garden.

How much is an investment in a Bohemian Bull beer franchise? Qualified candidates can expect an initial investment range between $470,417 and $1,206,500. This includes the $50,000 franchise fee.

As part of the franchising agreement, franchise owners receive unparalleled support from the Bohemian Bull franchise development team. 

This includes expert advice on site selection and build-out, followed by a comprehensive training program for the franchisee and their staff. We also can help with advice on hiring the best staff.

Because Bohemian Bull supports local vendors as much as possible, we assist our franchise owners with sourcing the best ingredients as locally as possible for the foods we serve. 

We bring together our franchisees with our bourbon, whisky, and craft beer vendors to ensure the drinks menu is everything we’ve promised our customers it will be.

Franchise owners can also count on us to support them with sourcing equipment, signage, furniture, and decor to keep the Bohemian Bull aesthetic alive and vibrant in their location. 

Our franchise owners also receive effective grand opening marketing strategies as well as local marketing that goes beyond opening day.

Each Bohemian Bull beer franchise also receives training on the technology tools we use to make daily operations run smoothly, such as software to perform scheduling, payroll, accounting and data reporting, inventory tracking, and more.

If you’re passionate about bringing intriguing craft brews to light and showing guests where to enjoy memorable, relaxed, and happy times, then a Bohemian Bull beer franchise may be what you’re looking for.

Contact us today to learn how to get started with your own Bohemian Bull Tavern & Beer Garden.


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