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Looking for a Drink Franchise that Stands Out? How About a Bohemian Bull Tavern & Beer Garden?

Opening a drink franchise is one of those investments that’s wrapped in a little bit of glamor—being part of the night life, the source of people’s entertainment, and living a little bit in the fast lane.

If it wasn’t a little bit glamorous, there wouldn’t be movies made about owning and operating bars, would there?

So how can you capture a little bit of that magic by opening a drink franchise?

That’s the hard part, right? Not just opening a drinks franchise, but harnessing the spark that hits your target audience in the heart and soul, enticing them to come spend their time (and yes, their money) in your bar, and making your establishment their home base for nights out, celebrations, and making memories.

Building a Drink Franchise Where People Feel at Home

What makes a drinks franchise hit right and become a popular establishment in its neighborhood?

Honestly, it’s a difficult question to answer. If it were easy, there would be a new and exciting drink franchise on every corner and they’d all be successful.

At Bohemian Bull, however, we think we’ve hit on the ideal combination:

  • A menu of delectable foods, craft beers, carefully selected bourbons and cocktails served by our friendly, welcoming staff. More: craft beer franchise opportunity
  • An environment that fosters both comfort and energy, where people can relax, have a good time, and celebrate milestone moments with friends and family.
  • A mix of entertainment choices between the beer garden space where guests can listen to live music from talented local musicians, partake in trivia nights, seafood bakes, or just catching the big game on one of our big screen TVs.

There’s something magical about when drink franchises get it right.

People feel a sense of peace where they’re happy, free to be themselves, and willing to show their loyalty by becoming repeat customers.

That’s not something bar franchise owners can just order up when we’re designing our bar’s interior and ordering furniture. So when we find a winning formula that can be replicated, like the Bohemian Bull drink franchise, it’s a remarkable investment opportunity.

Look For a Growing Drinks Franchise

From the beginning, we wanted to grow the Bohemian Bull brand the right way. We didn’t want to be a drink franchise that started out hot and fizzled out quickly like many franchises that came before.

See, we hit the sweet spot with our customers when we opened our flagship Bohemian Bull location in Charleston, South Carolina. We know what our guests need when they come into a Bohemian Bull:

Quality food and drinks that are uncompromising not just in flavor but in the ingredients with which they’re created. There’s no scrimping on our menu, from our in-house ground, hand-spanked burgers to our from-scratch recipes and scrumptious flavors.
Friendly service, where we treat our guests with the kind of hospitality we show our family. It’s a cornerstone of how we run our business-

Cleanliness is an absolute must in drink franchises. Our guests’ comfort is of paramount importance, and that’s just not possible if our restaurant and bar is not in tip-top shape.

A welcoming atmosphere is crucial to the Bohemian Bull success story. The lighting, the smiling faces, but especially the Beer Garden open seating, live music, and relaxing vibe gives our customers plenty of variety in how they enjoy their time with us.

A huge part of what makes us popular with our customers is our beer garden, and we also feel that’s what has helped us expand to more locations in the Southeast US within the last year.

Since opening our first location, we now have three new locations opening in South Carolina. We’re also extremely excited to have expanded to Texas! Our first location in the Lone Star State will open in Grapevine, Texas in just a few months!

Bohemian Bull’s Beer Garden Makes Us a Drinks Franchise Worth Considering

Quite a lot of our success can be attributed to the beer garden feature of our drink and beverage franchise.

One of the biggest benefits of a beer garden within a drink franchise is the fresh air and space. The beer garden is a versatile addition to any bar, giving room for customers to move and mingle. This creates an atmosphere of energy, and because it’s outside, keeps the space from becoming stuffy. It’s also possible to accommodate big groups this way.

Another benefit of the beer garden is having the perfect place to host events. At Bohemian Bull, we love hosting events like trivia nights, fundraisers, and live music in our beer gardens, and we give our franchise owners the opportunity to be inventive in the types of events they choose to host, as well. It’s a way to encourage customers to return to the Bohemian Bull time and again, and it works.

Finally, our beer garden distinguishes Bohemian Bull from being just another pub. Because of our beer garden, we stand out from the competition because we don’t look the same and our atmosphere carries a decidedly different vibe than many other bars and drink franchises. We are our own unique brand, and it’s an ambiance that speaks for itself.

Become a Drinks Franchise Owner

This all sounds great, right? Owning a drink franchise that cares this way about its customers and its craft beers and choices behind the menu is something you think you could get behind.

Well, here’s what you can expect by becoming a Bohemian Bull franchisee.

The initial investment range is estimated between $470,417 and $1,206,500, which includes the $50,000 franchise fee.

That may sound like quite the commitment, but Bohemian Bull is extremely committed to each and every franchisee in return. We offer an incredible amount of support in return.

We’ve worked out the pain points in bringing a drink franchise from concept to opening, and have streamlined the process, which saves time, money, and a lot of the problems that often trip up a new bar and restaurant owners. That’s honestly why many of them don’t make it, so this investment is already ahead of the curve.

For the investment, franchise owners get the following support:

  • Expert advice and knowledge for site selection and leasing
  • Training
  • Inventory, purchasing
  • Software and technology
  • Furniture, equipment, signage
  • Insurance, Utilities, Permits, and Licensing
  • Grand opening
  • Marketing, both before and after opening

At Bohemian Bull, we’re looking for entrepreneurs that are as passionate about the drink and beverage franchise as we are, who are ready to invest in a beer garden that has been growing and making customers happy wherever we open our doors. Interested in joining the energy we’re creating? Contact us today or download our industry outlook to learn more!

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