Brewery Franchise to Bring the Best in Beer

You Don’t Have to Be a Brewery Franchise to Bring the Best in Beer

When people choose to frequent a brewery franchise, they expect to sample only the beers at that establishment. So while owning a brewery to create the flavor profiles in beer you like most is freeing, it can also be restrictive.

Owning a Bohemian Bull Tavern & Beer Garden franchise gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to highlight local, regional, and national brewers. We aren’t limited to only our own brews. More: bar franchise

Not only that, we’ve put as much consideration into our bourbons and whiskies menu as we’ve done with our craft brews choices. In our opinion, that makes owning a Bohemian Bull franchise better than any brewery franchise.

How to Open a Brewery Franchise

Many entrepreneurs are set on opening a brewery franchise before they realize the extent of what’s required to see this goal to fruition.

The first step is to write a brewery franchise business plan, including the brewery’s concept. This is the blueprint for the beginning of any business, and is an essential step for securing financing. A quality business plan details how the business will be structured, marketed, and financed.

Next, funding is required to get the business started. To secure funding, one first has to know how much is needed, so the cost of opening a brewery franchise is necessary. The brewery’s concept—microbrewery, taproom, regional, brewpub, etc—can specify how much equipment, furniture, and space will be required to open, among other expenses. Once this is known, financing is easier to secure, and permits and licensing applications can be submitted.

During the permitting and licensing wait, the brewery franchise’s location can be determined. Whether to lease or buy is a big question. Once that’s answered, the opening phases are well underway. Equipment can be purchased and installed, and the concept begins to come together.

Now, the brewing of the beer can be considered. Finally, right? Building the craft beer menu is part of the creative process, and there’s likely already an idea in place for craft beer flavor profiles. With the equipment in place, brewing can begin.

With beer being made, there is now a need for customers to come along and drink it. This is where marketing the beer begins, and a soft opening is a perfect opportunity to showcase the new craft beers and get the word out that a new brewery franchise is in town.

The Alternative to a Brewery Franchise

The above sounds great, but that’s a lot of pressure.

What if your flavor profiles aren’t diverse enough to appeal to a wider audience?

What if you can’t find interested investors to sign agreements to join your brewery franchise opportunity and expand your brand?

At Bohemian Bull, we believe in the community behind craft beer, and we want to showcase more than just our own tastes. After all, craft beer that’s not driven by the community that created and nurtured it is just beer.

That’s why we’re more than a brewery franchise for sale. We’re a beer garden franchise that showcases many brewery franchises and their craft beers, and we do so at the local, regional, and national levels.

Bohemian Bull: Beyond the Brewery Franchise

Another reason a Bohemian Bull franchise is a brew above even the best brewery franchise is our bourbon and whisky menu, which contains flavors as subtle and nuanced as fine wines.

We’re very particular about what sips make our drink menus, and so we carefully curate bourbons and whiskies through barrel tastings to find the best spirits available.

It’s surprising how much the barrel matters when producing quality bourbon or whisky. Woods can infuse vanilla, peachy, coconut, or even smoky or spicy clove notes, giving the drinker variety.

The barrel’s origins are also important. American white oak is the most common barrel found in the US, which imbues a sweet flavor compared to the French oak’s spicier notes that come from its tighter grain.

A barrel’s manufacture matters as well. An open flame with more direct heat produces a sweet flavor, whereas toasting the barrel is more subtle and spicier. Esters during aging can also produce a fruity or floral aroma.

These subtleties create an array of flavor nuances that produce some of the best bourbons and whiskies, which find their way onto the Bohemian Bull drinks menus. All the spirits and brews that make our menus are specially packaged for the Bohemian Bull brand, so there’s no other menu quite like ours.

It’s this attention to detail, plus our generous 1.5 oz pours, that gives every Bohemian Bull Tavern & Beer Garden location the reputation of a knowledgeable and well-rounded place to have a good drink, a good laugh, and create a good memory.

How to Own a Bohemian Bull Tavern & Beer Garden

In case it wasn’t clear, we infuse passion into everything we do. It’s the same with our food, our atmosphere, and our customer service.

We have a passion for craft beers (and bourbons and whiskies) without being limited to our own brews. If this sounds like a less limiting investment than a brewery franchise, that’s because it is!

We’re looking for passionate entrepreneurs who are interested in owning and operating their own Bohemian Bull beer garden franchise and reaping the benefits of offering the craft beers of many brands instead of one.

To become one of our franchisees, franchise owners can expect an initial investment estimate ranging between $470.417 and $1,206,500, which includes the $50,000 franchise fee.

We’ve developed a top-notch franchise model designed to smooth out the usual pain points of opening a restaurant and beer garden, something many entrepreneurs appreciate during their onboarding with Bohemian Bull.

From the moment our franchise owners sign their franchising agreement with us, they’re part of the Bohemian Bull tribe. As such, we take them through the opening process through site selection, training, build-out, grand opening, and beyond in the only way we know how—Bohemian Bull style, with know-how and passion and plenty of smiles and energy along the way.

If this sounds like an experience you’d enjoy, with a future showcasing a multitude of craft beers from local, regional, and national craft beers and more, then we’d love to hear from you! Contact us today to learn how you can be a part of something bigger than the same old brewery franchise.

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