Bohemian Bull Provides a Smooth Start to a Bar and Grill Franchise

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The restaurant industry is known for being difficult to master. When only 20% of restaurants remain in business beyond five years, it’s understandable that entrepreneurs may hesitate to invest in a bar and grill franchise.

With the flagship location of Bohemian Bull weathering many a storm since opening, we know we’ve got an amazing bar and grill franchise to offer.

Our franchise model has been developed by experts in the field with the purpose of smoothing the normal speed bumps new restaurants can sometimes experience. In this way, we are a bar and grill franchise opportunity to look into.

What Makes Bohemian Bull a Stand Out Bar and Grill Franchise

Our mission is to positively impact everyone we come in contact with. Bohemian Bull operates with a very laid-back vibe, a commitment to heart-warming customer service, and a mouth-watering menu unlike any other bar and grill franchise.

Our guests are loyal even in the tough times, and we show our appreciation by treating them like family.

We are so dedicated to a memorable customer experience, we’ve made it part of our procedures. Every Bohemian Bull bar and grill franchise operates on four pillars:

  • Crave-worthy food and drinks – our menus have been carefully crafted, from the foods to the craft beers, cocktails, wines, bourbons, and whiskies. Not a detail has been overlooked, including capturing local flavors that build traditions.
  • Impeccable customer service – We treat everyone who enters our franchise grill and bar like family. It’s why so many of our guests return time and again.
  • Cleanliness – We take pride in our restaurant and want to put its best face forward. Not only that, our guests deserve to dine and drink in a comfortable franchise bar and grill. That doesn’t happen if the standards of cleanliness aren’t as high as ours.
  • Welcoming atmosphere – The overall package delivered by a Bohemian Bull bar and grill franchise is one of making memories with friends and family, having a good time, and enjoying life. Whether that’s soaking up live music in the beer garden, laughing over craveable eats and drinks, or catching that big game, Bohemian Bull is the place where people come together for a good time.

Many bar and grill franchises promise their customers a pleasant experience with a delectable menu. Guests of Bohemian Bull have said time and again that we deliver on all of our promises.

As a result, they have made Bohemian Bull a regular hang-out spot for their families and friends.

Our customers love us. That’s how we know we’re doing it right.

The Bohemian Bull Bar and Grill Franchise Investment Opportunity

We have worked hard on our franchise model. Why? Because we know how hard it is to get a top-notch restaurant like Bohemian Bull up and running.

We’ve worked out the kinks that can often trip up independent restaurateurs during the opening phase.

We’ve also built processes that help our bar and grill franchise owners run smooth operations every day. The smiles and laughs keep on coming, and not just from the guests but from the staff as well.

What Does it Take to Become a Bohemian Bull Franchise Owner?

Bohemian Bull is surprisingly affordable considering everything that comes with the investment. The initial investment estimate is between $508,000 and $1,242,500.

This number includes a $50,000 franchise fee as well as liquid capital. Having between $75,000 and $150,000 available to strategically infuse into the business at appropriate times is another way to ensure the franchise bar and grill thrives.

What Comes with the Bohemian Bull Bar and Grill Franchise Opportunity?

We are just as excited and invested in our franchise owners’ successes as they are. Because we want every Bohemian Bull location to prosper, we’ve built a support system that begins the moment the franchise agreement is signed.

New franchise owners get:

  • Extensive training. Training expenses are part of the initial investment estimate as well.
  • Expert advice on site selection and the details of the location’s lease.
  • Expert advice navigating the acquisition of the proper insurance, permits, and licensing.
  • Access to and training on the latest software and technology. These programs cover everything from POS systems, accounting, payroll, scheduling, purchasing, inventory control, and more.
  • The investment estimate also includes the build-out costs of signage, furniture, and equipment.
  • Access to existing vendors as well as advice on building relationships with local vendors to acquire the freshest and tastiest inventory.
  • Grand opening marketing strategies, and continued support with marketing to help franchise owners develop relationships with those in their communities.

We also help our franchise owners by advising them with hiring strategies, so they can find the best possible employees. This is an important step because these are the faces the future guests of each Bohemian Bull franchise bar and grill will see first and most often.

Common Questions About the Bohemian Bull Franchise Opportunity

Do I need to have restaurant experience to become a Bohemian Bull franchisee?

Having prior restaurant management experience isn’t a requirement, but it will certainly help, particularly in the initial opening phase.

Our ideal franchise owner would be a passionate owner/operator that is excited to be a daily part of the business’s operations, and is willing to adhere to the Bohemian Bull philosophy.

Do you help market the business?

Continued marketing to appeal to local residents and visiting tourists is an essential part of a prosperous Bohemian Bull Tavern & Beer Garden.

We believe good marketing is such a key component that it’s included in the onboarding training.

We share our marketing strategies and technology with our franchise owners, not only to provide help promoting the bar and grill franchise, but helping them learn how to create solid marketing promotions as well.

We will remain active in marketing each Bohemian Bull location as part of our brand recognition efforts.

If the Bohemian Bull ethos of being the place where our guests build memories and enjoy a laid-back-yet-enthusiastic atmosphere intrigues you, and you’d like to learn more about our bar and grill franchise, contact us today. We’re excited to hear from you!

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