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A Bohemian Bull Restaurant Franchise for Sale is a Gateway for Customer Loyalty

Bohemian Bull is more than your average restaurant franchise for sale.

We’ve captured something few other beer gardens, bars, grills, and taverns have: the kind of atmosphere that makes memories.

Our customers choose Bohemian Bull locations time and again for their date nights, celebrations, hangouts, afternoons spent watching the big game, and more.

We began with the bones of an incredible investment opportunity and then perfected our franchise model before ever offering Bohemian Bull restaurant franchises for sale.

We give our franchise owners everything they need from day one to bring their Bohemian Bull restaurant franchise to life.

For us, the Bohemian Bull brand is more than its dollar value. Bohemian Bull is a feel-good place with a happy, laid-back vibe where our customers can create memories, spend time with loved ones, and have a great time.

The Four Pillars of a Bohemian Bull Restaurant Franchise for Sale

Food and Drinks Customers Crave

At our flagship restaurant franchise in Charleston, SC, we wanted to capture the foodie spirit that makes Charleston a great place to dine out.

So we’ve made sure our authentic ingredients are incredibly fresh, sourcing them locally where possible. Our hand-spanked burgers are ground and shaped in-house.

Our craft beer and cocktails menu is extensive and always evolving. We’ve cultivated a menu full of delectable food and cocktails that keep our customers raving about Bohemian Bull.

Unparalleled Service

Hospitality is one of our core principles at every Bohemian Bull restaurant franchise for sale.

Many of our customers have praised our chill and relaxed atmosphere while still marveling at the prompt and welcoming service they receive.

Even when the restaurant and beer garden is packed, like when we’re hosting events such as a cornhole tournament or live music, our service runs like clockwork.

The kitchen delivers orders in a timely manner, and our staff always brings hot food and cold drinks to our customers with a smile.

We consistently give people a great Bohemian Bull experience, whether it’s their first visit or their fifteenth.


We may be laid-back, but that doesn’t mean we’re slacking on safety and cleanliness. Now, more than ever, people are concerned about the spread of germs, the freshness of their seats and table when they sit down, and how clean the kitchen and bar areas are.

Every Bohemian Bull restaurant franchise for sale adheres to our stringent sanitation standards to make our guests feel welcome, comfortable, and safe.

We take great pride in how clean our bathrooms and other common areas are.

There is no job too trivial when it comes to keeping our Bohemian Bull restaurant franchises at the highest standards of freshness and cleanliness.

Welcoming Atmosphere

Every Bohemian Bull restaurant franchise for sale has an energy customers can feel when they walk in the door.

Every aspect of the decor, the staff, and the restaurant’s vibe has been carefully crafted to appeal to our customers.

We’ve considered the lighting, the type of training for our staff, the seating both indoors and out, and everything else about the Bohemian Bull brand that makes our restaurant franchises desirable places to be.

We want our customers to feel at home, and so we’ve done everything we can to ensure they do.

At Bohemian Bull, the monetary return is only a portion of what we consider important to a successful franchise.

We have customers who call us their favorite restaurant, who return regularly, and who are excited about our expansion plans with restaurant franchises for sale.

They celebrate their milestones with us, create memories within our walls, and find reasons to come back just to enjoy the craveable menu and craft beer and cocktails.

These are testaments that we’re doing something right.

What is Required to Buy a Bohemian Bull Restaurant Franchise for Sale?

Buying a restaurant franchise for sale can be an attractive investment for the entrepreneur who’s interested in owning their own business but isn’t sure of the risk.

Franchising smooths away some of the new business hiccups with a tried-and-tested franchise model.

We’ve worked with franchising industry experts to create a franchise model that gives franchise owners room to be creative while nurturing a strong relationship with the Bohemian Bull brand.

Our model provides all the guidance necessary for franchise owners to achieve a seamless start to their Bohemian Bull restaurant franchise.

Our estimates for the initial bar and restaurant investment necessary to purchase a Bohemian Bull are between $470,417 and $1,206,500, which includes a $50,000 franchise fee.

Candidates must also qualify with a net worth of $500,000 and available liquid capital of $150,000.

This ensures the restaurant franchise costs are well in hand during the start-up months. It allows time for the most favorable position while the word is spread to the community about the new Bohemian Bull location. More: how much does it cost to open a bar?

The Bohemian Bull Support System

Once the franchise agreement for your restaurant franchise for sale is finalized, you’ll be taken in by the Bohemian Bull family. We offer our franchise owners unrivaled support during the opening process and beyond.

Some of this includes expert advice on site selection and leasing, location, and build-out, staff selection, and building vendor relationships.

We also offer extensive training for owners and their staff and instruction on the software and technology necessary to smoothly operate a Bohemian Bull restaurant franchise.

We provide expert guidance on signage, furniture and equipment, decor, permits and licensing, and initial inventory requirements.

Franchise owners can expect to receive all the knowledge required to begin their Bohemian Bull franchise ownership journey and run the restaurant and beer garden on a day-to-day basis.

It is this foundation of support that makes it easy for our franchise owners to give our customers reasons for their loyalty to Bohemian Bull.

If you’re ready to consider investing in a top restaurant franchise that has customer loyalty in spades, contact Bohemian Bull today.

Find out how you can get started with your own beer garden franchise that keeps patrons coming back for more.

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