Franchise Restaurant for Sale

Franchise Restaurant for Sale – Bohemian Bull is a Sound Investment

If the idea of opening your own restaurant sounds appealing, then consider Bohemian Bull as an option.

Our franchise model smooths out the snags and hassles of starting a restaurant from scratch. Bohemian Bull is the best franchise restaurant for sale. We bring experience and support to the table for our franchisees.

The Bohemian Bull Difference

Bohemian Bull is different in the best way. We want our franchise owners to inject their personal creativity into their restaurants.

Personalization of each and every Bohemian Bull location has been built into our franchise model from the beginning.

A Bohemian Bull restaurant becomes a staple part of its local community, and we encourage restaurant owners to incorporate what makes their community special.

Our customers love finding their local flavors on the craft beer and dining menus.

They enjoy experiencing nightlife through our regular trivia contests, live local music, oyster roasts, and other themed event nights.

These are just a few of the reasons that make Bohemian Bull the best franchise restaurant for sale.

It’s also why customers frequently choose Bohemian Bull for their celebrations, Friday night hangouts, and date nights.

The Bohemian Bull Franchise Model

While looking for a restaurant business model to invest in, it can be difficult to know how much capital is expected.

That’s where a Bohemian Bull comes in. We are a one-of-a-kind franchise restaurant for sale, and offer plenty of cost-saving advice for our franchisees.

Our development team began with franchising industry experts to perfect our restaurant and beer garden franchise model before ever making it available to franchising investors.

The Bohemian Bull franchise restaurant for sale minimizes the pain points many restaurateurs can experience during the onboarding, grand opening, and daily operations of their businesses.

This can save money, particularly in the beginning when inexperience can lead to unnecessary spending.

Our franchise model is carefully structured to take into consideration the entire opening process and beyond.

The goal is a smooth opening that attracts a crowd of happy, relaxed customers who enjoy the local vibe, craft beers, and craveable foods.

By capturing the community spirit with locally inspired foods and entertainment, we’ve achieved this in our flagship location in Charleston, SC, where Bohemian Bull is a smash hit with residents and tourists alike.

The Investment Numbers for a Bohemian Bull Franchise Restaurant for Sale

The initial investment estimates for a Bohemian Bull franchise restaurant, including a $50,000 franchise fee, range from $470,417 to $1,206,500.

These numbers estimate the capital necessary to cover training expenses, the location’s lease and utilities, signage, furniture and equipment, permits and licensing, insurance, inventory, software and technology, and even grand opening marketing.

There’s very little we haven’t carefully considered in designing the restaurant franchise costs.

For example, available liquidity of $75,000 to $150,000—also included in these initial estimates—invested back into the business at the right time can put a franchise location in a favorable position during the initial opening weeks and beyond.

What Comes With a Bohemian Bull Restaurant Franchise for Sale

The customer experience is at the heart of everything we do at Bohemian Bull, so we want to give our franchise owners the tools they’ll need from the very beginning as part of the restaurant franchise cost.

Once the investment documents are signed, we provide as much support as possible for every new Bohemian Bull franchise restaurant for sale.

We offer experienced advice on finding a good site location and leasing, particularly in terms of the beer garden advantage Bohemian Bull brings to our customers.

Open-air beer gardens can be fantastic places to relax, enjoy time with friends and loved ones, experience craveable local foods, and more.

Having a beer garden gives our franchise owners a great opportunity to personalizing their location’s atmosphere and decor.

Another benefit of the restaurant franchise investment is the training we provide our franchise owners on the Bohemian Bull daily operations and customer service standards.

We give advice on the pain points to avoid during the process of securing a location lease, permits and licensing.

We also give our franchise owners access to carefully selected software and technology that will help maintain inventory, POS systems, payroll, accounting, and more.

We’ll work with our franchise owners on furniture and equipment to capture the right kind of atmosphere that fits the Bohemian Bull brand aesthetic and captures each community’s local culture.

Regarding each grand opening, a Bohemian Bull franchise restaurant for sale comes with extensive marketing strategies to introduce the location to the community and get the word going about the festivities, food, and relaxing atmosphere a Bohemian Bull provides.

Beyond the grand opening, we continue to support our franchise owners like the family they become.

Bohemian Bull A Unique Investment Opportunity

Bohemian Bull is no fast food franchise for sale. We’ve taken great care to build a franchise model that has the fluidity to celebrate the communities in which we’re located

So, we can bring delectable local favorites to the menus and showcase the pride our customers have in their hometowns.

We do this by giving our franchise owners the flexibility to be creative with the menus and decor.

This may mean a college town Bohemian Bull location can showcase their school pride by incorporating the university’s colors into the decor.

It may mean cultivating a thriving local music scene with the Bohemian Bull performance space at its center.

It may also take advantage of stunning scenery along the coast or celebrate fresh, local seafood through several dishes on the menu.

Each Bohemian Bull franchise restaurant for sale may be a pathway to a fulfilling career for passionate restaurateurs who love their communities and want to provide a welcoming, warm, and fun-loving place for customers to hang out, celebrate, and relax.

If this sounds like the investment you’re looking for, contact us today to find out how to become a Bohemian Bull franchise owner.

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