Interested in a Bar and Grill Franchise Opportunity?

Bar and Grill Franchise Opportunity

There’s a reason restaurant and bar and grill franchises consistently make all the lists of most profitable franchises—they’re the places customers most want to be. There are a few reasons why a Bohemian Bull Tavern & Beer Garden may be just the grill and bar franchise for you:

  • A relaxed atmosphere
  • Delectable foods
  • An extensive craft beer menu

The Bohemian Bull Bar and Grill Franchise Model

The flagship location of Bohemian Bull Tavern & Beer Garden in Charleston, SC was opened to capture the culture and lifestyle that South Carolinians have come to expect. 

Located on St. James Island, Bohemian Bull exudes a laid-back vibe with good music, delectable food, and even better libations.

We set out to be the bar and grill franchise where memories are created, whether that’s sipping a cold drink while watching the big game, celebrating a milestone moment, or spending quality time with friends and loved ones. 

Bohemian Bull serves up the crave-able foods and drinks that are the backdrop to our guests’ favorite memories, and our feel-good atmosphere is what it’s all about.

We want to share this incredible grill and bar franchise with investors who share our vision of owning and operating a thriving business where guests become like family. We’re all about the Bohemian Bull experience, where local music sets the scene in the outdoor beer garden, and weekly events bring in tourists and locals alike for an easy-going, yet memorable good time. 

From the start, we’ve built the Bohemian Bull investment opportunity with the insider knowledge of franchise industry experts. Doing so has helped perfect our bar and grill franchise model before making it available to investors to ensure it works as smoothly as possible. 

Our franchise owners benefit most when they receive collaborative attention from our franchise development team. By doing everything we can for our franchise owners, we’re giving them the resources they need to prosper, ensuring that in the end, we all have the opportunity to flourish.

The Bohemian Bull Grill and Bar Franchise Investment

As part of the Bohemian Bull Tavern & Beer Garden investment, our franchise owners receive extensive training on the day-to-day operations of running a Bohemian Bull Bar and Grill Franchise

From the moment a franchise owner signs the franchising agreement, a dedicated franchise management team is assigned to assist with anything they may require.

This starts with expert advice on site selection, leasing, and build-out for a Bohemian Bull Tavern & Beer Garden location. We can also give expert tips to franchise owners for best hiring practices. The training that follows includes franchise owners and their staff during the pre-opening phase.

Once the site is selected, the staff is hired, and the equipment and furnishings are in place, we’ll begin helping establish relationships with our vendors who supply certain ingredients on our menus. We’ll also assist with building relationships with local vendors for fresh ingredients.

One of the best features of the Bohemian Bull bar and grill franchise is the craft beer menu, which features both local and national craft beers. We help you forge these relationships to round out a menu that showcases craft beers true to the Bohemian Bull mission of giving customers a memorable craft beer, bourbon, or whisky experience, be they from local, regional, or national brewers.

Because our exacting standards can make food and beverage sourcing more difficult, we do everything necessary to give our franchise owners what they need to bring the Bohemian Bull menus to life. This includes ongoing support after the grand opening.

We continue to develop marketing campaigns to help keep the Bohemian Bull grill and bar franchise brand spreading and growing. We also keep our technology tools up-to-date, including POS systems, data and accounting analysis, payroll and scheduling, inventory and purchasing, and more. 

Our franchise owners have what they need to run a seamless bar and grill franchise business. With events like trivia nights, seafood bakes, or live music held a few times a week, patrons love the easy-going atmosphere that still feels lively and exciting. 

How much does the Bohemian Bull grill and bar franchise cost? Initial investment estimates range between $508,000 and $1,242,500. This includes the $50,000 franchise fee and all of the support and training mentioned above. 

What Makes a Bohemian Bull Tavern & Beer Garden a Stand-Out Investment?

Well, we’re not your standard Irish pub franchise. We celebrate life the Bohemian Bull way, which celebrates good food, quality bourbon, and whisky, and appreciates craft beer from all over.

Our menu is loaded with foods our guests recognize, but with a twist to them. They’re often comfort foods where we’ve gone back to basics to make them worthy of the Bohemian Bull brand.

Our burgers are not only sourced from Angus beef, but they’re a blend of ground chuck and brisket for the perfect lean-to-fat ratio for a juicy patty. We grind our beef in-house every day to maintain its freshness. What’s the twist? The variety of ways our burgers are served brings several twists to a Bohemian Bull burger. Try our bacon jam, truffle mayo, or better yet, create your own for burger perfection.

Another basic with a twist is our fried mac & cheese—all the melty, cheesy goodness you love from the classic comfort food in the center but with a crispy exterior from being lightly fried. It’s perfect as an appetizer or a side to an entrée like the Birdger sandwich.

These are only two examples of the attention to detail we’ve given every item on our menu, including the bourbons and whiskys on offer. 

We’ve put this same attention to detail toward every aspect of our bar and grill franchise, from the décor to the cleanliness to the training of staff and the back office operations. 

Guests enjoy the relaxed, happy atmosphere and the well-considered menus. Employees enjoy coming to work, where they’re supported by procedures and policies that work and make guests happy. Franchise owners see smiling faces everywhere they look, and many of them are familiar with loyal, returning customers who love everything that Bohemian Bull Tavern & Beer Garden has to offer.

If this is sounding more and more like the grill and bar franchise you’d like to be part of, you can request more information or call us at the number on this page. We’d love to hear from you! If you’re still not sure, download our free ebook to learn more about the industry and franchising with Bohemian Bull Tavern & Beer Garden.

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