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Bar for Sale in Florida – Charge Into Bohemian Bull’s Opportunity

When people think of Florida, they might think of vacation destinations, beaches, and an undercurrent of entertainment and nightlife. At the heart of Florida’s nightlife are bars and restaurants. They can run from the eclectic to the trendy and everything in between. If you’re looking for a bar for sale in Florida, then Bohemian Bull may have some good news for you.

The Bohemian Bull brand is looking to expand through franchise opportunities into specific markets, and Florida is one of them. Customers love Bohemian Bull’s crave-worthy menu, open atmosphere beer garden, and how we celebrate the uniqueness of the communities we serve.

For potential Florida owners, Bohemian Bull can be an opportunity for tourists to get a taste of local flare and for residents to find that relaxing place to unwind after a hard day’s work.

Bohemian Bull Has Done the Research for Bars for Sale in Florida

Right now, the Bohemian Bull beer garden and tavern is looking to expand our operations. Knowing what we do about our brand’s growth in the restaurant and tavern market, we’ve selected a handful of states that we think could be a great fit for bar franchise locations, and Florida is one of them. But why are we offering bars for sale in Miami and other Florida hotspots?

Part of our onboarding process is to help our franchise owners choose the location that’s right for their Bohemian Bull beer garden and gastropub. Florida looks to be a promising market for Bohemian Bull locations for several reasons. The state itself is a major draw for tourists, particularly in Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa.

Many visitors to Florida expect rich, exciting nightlife, and they want a taste of what makes these cities unique. Because the Bohemian Bull brand prizes the diversity that captures the spark of the locale in which a franchise is located, we can offer visitors something potential owners might want when looking at bars for sale in Florida: unforgettable memories in an open-air, lively atmosphere designed to help customers relax and enjoy the moment.

Bohemian Bull’s beer garden is a key feature of our franchise opportunity. Our bar for sale in Miami provides a natural, laidback setting that aims to highlight Florida’s, sun, sea, and wide-open spaces and create an atmosphere that encourages people to relax and enjoy themselves.

Because much of Florida’s tourism industry is built on beaches and relaxation, a bar for sale in Florida with your Bohemian Bull stamp could draw crowds interested in having a drink while surrounded by the ocean and natural scenery that helps make Florida one of the U.S.’s most popular vacation destinations.

By combining our business model and your local area expertise and creativity, a Bohemian Bull bar for sale in Florida can bring you the freedom to own a bar and restaurant business that celebrates your surroundings

You’ll also have the Bohemian Bull support to help you bring your beer garden to life. We’ve worked with franchise industry experts to perfect our model so you navigate the onboarding, grand opening, and daily operations of your Bohemian Bull as smoothly as possible.

A Bar for Sale in Florida by the Numbers

The Bohemian Bull franchise program helps you keep control of spending during the initial startup phase, which can help you get up, operate, and serve customers.

Your initial investment includes a franchise fee of $50,000 and also covers some of your additional franchise costs. We designed our franchise model so that our owners can start with $75,000 – $150,000 of available liquid capital.

We all have a goal of seeing Bohemian Bull franchises grow and setting you up for the best opportunity to build your business is part of our owner-first franchise model.

Other requirements to open a bar:

  • $500,000 net worth
  • $150,000 liquid capital
  • $50,000 franchise fee
  • The estimated range of initial investment from low to high is $470,417 – $1,206,500

Your initial investment to open a bar, but is not limited to:

  • Training Expenses
  • Location Lease
  • Software and Technology
  • Signage
  • Furniture and Equipment
  • Utilities
  • Inventory
  • Grand Opening Marketing
  • Insurance
  • Permits and Licensing

The Business Blueprint

To accurately gauge the cost of opening a bar, you’ll need a comprehensive business plan that covers everything from your concept to financial projections. Read more

What Makes a Bohemian Bull Bar for Sale in Florida a Good Idea?

At Bohemian Bull, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter locations that pretend to celebrate local energy. Whether you’re interested in a bar for sale in Miami, a bar for sale in Tampa, or a bar for sale in Jacksonville.

With our open-air beer garden, we can help you bring the magic of the surrounding scenery, the vivacity of the local nightlife, and the beauty of what helps your customers make lasting memories.

Our pub for sale in Miami embraces the addition of regional food favorites to our staple menu—such as Florida’s signature fresh seafood and cultural cuisines—and we can help you source your ingredients as locally as possible. You’ll be able to create personalized incentive programs and events for your customers, book live musical talent from your area, and more to help attract clientele to your Bohemian Bull bar for sale in Florida.

Is Now A Good Time to Invest in A Bar Franchise?

In a post-pandemic world, the restaurant and bar industry is experiencing a resurgence, with a record-breaking $26.67 billion in revenue in 2022, making it an opportune moment to consider investing in a beer bar franchise. Learn how much a beer bar franchise makes.

A franchise agreement with Bohemian Bull is a collaboration, using our business model as the foundation, while your drive, creativity, and inspiration can bring your location to life.

The Bohemian Bull dining experience can be just the beginning for our customers. With local band performances, and interactive events such as trivia nights, theme nights, and more, you can attract a lively, youthful crowd. The addition of the beer garden with your Bohemian Bull bar for sale in Florida, set in the fresh, salty sea air and with a relaxing vibe, can increase your chances of creating a connection with locals and vacationers alike.

If you’re looking to invest in a bar for sale in Florida, a Bohemian Bull franchise location could be a fantastic opportunity to join with an experienced franchisor who can provide you with what you need to help you develop your business and grow the brand.

We value our franchise owners and build our relationship with them on trust, loyalty, and quality training and education. We foster your creativity and embrace every location’s eclectic beauty, so your Bohemian Bull location can be everything you want it to be while still taking advantage of the Bohemian Bull brand that customers love.

Want to find out more about our bar for sale in Miami? Contact us today if you are in Florida, and get your journey started!

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