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Bohemian Bull’s Grill and Bar Franchise Menu Keeps Customers Craving More

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Bohemian Bull is a menu that keeps customers returning time and again.

Not every grill and bar franchise pays as much attention to the details of their menu as we do, and it shows.

If you want to lure customers in with delectable flavors and innovative combinations, you have to carefully consider every ingredient, and how each dish tells a story. Let’s look at a staple of the Bohemian Bull franchise menu as an example of our attention to detail.

The Hero of the Grill and Bar Franchise’s Menu The Burger

The burger is a pillar of every grill and bar franchise menu, and let’s be frank: burgers aren’t hard to find. But a good burger with unique toppings?

A burger that wows and makes customers rave? That’s rare indeed! At Bohemian Bull, that’s the kind of burger we strive to serve.

Step 1: The Meat

You can’t have a good burger without quality meat. A grill and bar franchise that uses just any ground beef isn’t going to impress customers. Bohemian Bull franchise locations serve Certified Angus Beef burgers and nothing less.

The foundation of what makes a burger great is meat with quality marbling—the ratio of fat within the meat.

Consistent marbling throughout is what gives the burger its juicy, tender texture and unmatched flavor regardless of cooking temperature.

Angus Beef that passes a series of quality tests to meet a certain standard is considered Certified, which is the best quality of Angus Beef available for some of the most flavorful burgers we can serve.

Step 2: Still the Meat

The next consideration for what makes a grill and bar franchise burger craveable at Bohemian Bull is the kinds of cuts used in our ground beef recipe.

Bohemian Bull burgers are made with cuts of brisket and chuck, areas of the cow that see a lot of movement and work from the animal.

This produces a cut of leaner meat, where moderate marbling makes a bigger difference. Combining these cuts together brings the perfect ratio of fat-to-lean muscle for juicy, tender beef.

Step 3: Freshness

At Bohemian Bull, we don’t buy our burgers pre-frozen, pre-shaped, or even pre-ground. We have perfected the ratio of brisket to chuck as a proprietary recipe, and we grind all our own meat in-house.

How the beef is ground matters, too. This is what creates the burger’s texture in every bite. Finer grinds mean dense patties, so the coarser the grind, the better.

The perfect ratio and the perfect grind. That’s how a Bohemian Bull grill and bar franchise knows we have burgers to die for.

Step 4: The Cooking

Without a carefully-honed cooking method, even the best burger recipe in the world falls short. A Bohemian Bull grill and bar franchise burger is not cooked over an open flame.

We don’t want all that delectable juice dripping away. Our burgers are cooked on a flat-top grill, giving us the means to control precisely how hot the surface is, how well-seared the burgers are, and how they hold in their top-notch flavor.

Step 5: The Toppings

The Bohemian Bull franchise menu does promise burger purists their choice of traditional toppings from quality vendors sourced as fresh as we can find them.

If you’re looking to complement our hand-shaped, ground in-house burger with ketchup, pickles, cheese, lettuce, and tomato, we’ve got you covered.

For the more adventurous Bohemian Bull Tavern & Beer Garden guest, we offer toppings that can’t be found on many other grill and bar franchise menus.

Diners looking for something entirely unique can find it with smoked gouda, baby portabellas, and truffle oil with our Truffle Burger.

Guests searching for something between out-there and traditional may be more satisfied with the Black & Blue. A blackened burger with lettuce and tomato, jalapeños, bacon jam, and bleu cheese could be the perfect mix of new and classic that makes the taste buds sing.

All Bohemian Bull grill and bar franchise burgers are served on locally made Kaiser rolls and can be substituted with grilled chicken breast or ground chicken, also ground in-house with the same care as our ground beef.

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