Potential Business for Sale in Georgia: Start Your Own Beer Franchise

If you have ever dreamed of owning your own business, now is the time to make your move in franchising. Consider a business for sale in Georgia to make your dreams come true.
Restaurant sales are estimated to reach $1.2 trillion by 2030. The industry as a whole is growing by 15.4% annually, indicating a promising industry to invest in for restaurant owners.

Business for Sale in Georgia

When searching Google for franchises for sale in Georgia, you may see a ton of results. The real challenge is finding one that is the right fit for you.
A quick search reveals dozens of different types of companies, like an internet marketing/SEO outfit, a squeegee business, a FedEx route company, clothing stores, and various restaurants. 
Buying an existing business for sale could be risky. You have no idea what’s under the hook and what kinds of problems may come along with it. 
Starting a business on your own comes with many challenges as well. For example, the initial investment is usually higher, there is more risk, and it’s tremendously challenging to build a brand following from scratch and stay afloat during hard times. The statistics are stacked against you from the get-go. 
An alternative option that makes sense for many reasons is to purchase a successful restaurant franchise. In Georgia, you could open one of many types of restaurants. Some specialize in pizza, barbecue, steak, Mexican food, and American fare. The choice is yours. 

Franchise Opportunities in GA

You must consider a few things when searching for the right franchise in Georgia. First, does the type of business fit your passion and your lifestyle? Some other factors to consider are:

  •     The initial investment and royalty fees. Can you afford it?
  •     Brand recognition. How popular is the company?
  •     What type of support do they offer?
  •     Are there territories available near you?
  •     How close are the territories? Will you have to consider a lot of competition?
  •     Company culture, what is it like?
  •     Customization? Is there any flexibility on buildouts?

Exploring franchise opportunities in Georgia can be interesting. You might find some great options to choose from. Typically, you can contact the franchise manager for more detailed information about the total investment, other fees, and the process for becoming an owner and getting started. 
Depending on the company and the process, you could be up and running within a few short months. 

Give Bohemian Bull Tavern a Look

Bohemian Bull Tavern and Beer Garden is a great franchise opportunity to explore. Restaurants/pubs perform well in just about any economic climate. People love to eat, drink, and spend time with their family and friends, no matter what.
Bohemian Bull Tavern offers a very different type of franchise. The brand is driven by perfection and four main principles: quality food and drinks, friendly service, cleanliness, and a welcoming atmosphere.
They offer fresh food with quality ingredients. Many locations source from local farms and meat vendors. Their mouth-watering menu is paired with a complete beer garden full of craft beers and signature cocktails. They have excellent brand recognition, and competitive prices mean a higher ROI. 
Franchising is a great way to mitigate many of the pain points of starting your own business from scratch. Bohemian Bull Tavern makes it easy to become a new owner quickly. They offer new franchisees: 

  •     A unique opportunity to customize your location and avoid a cookie-cutter operation. 
  •     Seamless start-up process.
  •     In-depth training in all areas of the business, from operations and hiring to marketing and customer service. Plus, you will receive ongoing access to a dedicated management team that cares about your success. 
  •     Assistance with local vendor relations.
  •     Staff hiring help.
  •     Relevant data and statistics. 

Bohemian Bull Tavern offers new owners a lot. In exchange, you can expect to pay a franchise fee of $50k and a total investment of between $508,000 and $1,242,500, depending on location, size, and other factors. 
unique restaurant franchise

Revolutionize Your Dining Georgia

Transform your restaurant with unique concepts like local farm produce or guest chefs. Check out our full list of ideas.

The Franchising Process

If you decide to franchise with Bohemian Bull Tavern, you can expect the following process steps.

  1.   Fill out the initial contact form.
  2.   Have an introductory phone call with the franchise manager.
  3.   Progress through candidate qualification.
  4.   Attend a brand introduction webinar.
  5.   Receive and review the FDD (franchise disclosure document).
  6.   Fill out your franchisee application.
  7.   Join the executive leadership call. 
  8.   You are granted your own Bohemian Bull franchise.

Own Your Franchise Today!

The restaurant market is hot, and the timing is right to open your franchise in Georgia. Contact us today to learn more about the exciting growth-oriented franchise opportunity with Bohemian Bull Tavern and Beer Garden.

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