How to Purchase Your Own Gourmet Burger Franchise

Nothing is quite as tasty as a juicy cheeseburger paired with a frothy cool beer. Food makes people happy, and when you purchase your burger joint, you get to offer that enjoyment to your local area.

The Premium Burger Franchise Industry & Craft Beer

The burger restaurant industry has continued to grow at a steady rate of 4.9%. In 2023, the market is expected to total $176.8 billion. Typical profit margins hover around 6%.
The craft beer industry has grown by 300% over the past ten years. Craft beer also represents 24% of the beer market. Its popularity is growing, especially with Millennials and Generation Z. Consumers spent more than $22 billion on craft beer in 2022.
The burger franchise industry is healthy, with a bright future, especially for places with strong brand recognition and a unique offering.

The Benefits of Owning a Gourmet Burger Restaurant Franchise

Along with bringing great joy to people through a warm, friendly atmosphere, tasty, fast food, and refreshing drinks, owning a burger franchise also offers many other benefits such as

  • Built-in brand recognition and a loyal customer base before opening your doors.
  • Complete training and support from the parent company.
  • Vendor deals based on your association with the franchise,
  • Protected territory to reduce competition.
  • A menu of fresh food, including mouth-watering gourmet burgers, classic burgers, chicken tenders, and specialty items.
  • Be your own boss and own a place for your friends and family to come visit.
  • A proven business model made for success.
  • Helpful operations manual to guide you through every step.
  • Savvy technology tools to help you get the job done.
  • Marketing support for your local area.
  • Site selection guidance to find the perfect spot for your restaurant.

Opening a new business on your own takes time and extra work. The stats are against you, and getting things off the ground may be difficult. But, when you purchase a franchise, you start ahead of the game with a proven successful model and all the hard stuff done for you. Plus, you partner with a reputable brand that provides everything you need, including site selection, training, and support. You are never alone.

Burger Franchises Available

If you have been considering purchasing a franchise, you have many options. Restaurant franchises can be very lucrative. Before making any decisions, you should check out the brands you know and love. For example, Bohemian Bull Tavern and Beer Garden is a unique franchise option offering crave-able menu items (signature burgers, veggie burgers, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, custom burgers, chicken burgers, French fries, etc.), an outside beer garden, and a bar stocked with all the usual favorites.
Be sure to research the brands you are interested in and evaluate what they offer their franchisees. Unlike a fast-food restaurant chain like Burger King or Five Guys Burgers, Bohemian Bull Tavern is a fast-casual restaurant that prides itself on offering juicy burgers and the best food possible in a warm, inviting environment.
What Makes Bohemian Bull Tavern a Good Gourmet Burger Franchise Partner?
Bohemian Bull Tavern and Beer Garden locations are clean and inviting, with lively entertainment, making them a great place to meet friends, kick back, and enjoy life.
Another thing to consider is the training and support. Bohemian Bull Tavern offers franchisees a complete training package with everything you need to get your first gourmet burger restaurant up and running and support all the way through.
Bohemian Bull’s four focus points are quality food and drinks, friendly service, cleanliness, and a welcoming atmosphere. Everything we make is fresh with quality ingredients and made to order. We support our community by using local farmers and vendors for our supplies whenever possible.

Gourmet Burger Franchise Opportunities

Some other points to consider are

  • Good brand recognition.
  • The competition is higher priced with a lower ROI.
  • An incredible, unique opportunity to customize your location.
  • A seamless start-up process.
  • In-depth training in all business areas, from operations and hiring to marketing and customer service, plus ongoing access to a dedicated management team that will listen and work with you to achieve success. We want you to enjoy a successful burger launch from day one.
  • Relevant data and statistics.

The culture of James Island and the surrounding greater Charleston area inspired the Bohemian Bull brand. With its unique mixture of laid-back/small town and colorful/lively city, Bohemian Bull offers guests the best of everything.
Along with our creative, eclectic menu of mouth-watering delights, we offer specialty cocktails, an entire beer garden of craft beer selections, and a great place to hang out with friends or family.

How to Become a Gourmet Burger Franchise Owner?

Bohemian Bull makes becoming a franchise owner fun and pain-free. The steps to franchise with a fantastic and unique brand like Bohemian Bull are:

  • Complete an inquiry form.
  • Contact a franchise development expert to ask questions and review options.
  • Review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).
  • Meet the Bohemian Bull team on Discovery Day.
  • Sign the franchise agreement.
  • Select your location and build out your restaurant space.
  • Attend training and hire your staff.
  • Open Bohemian Bull in your local area!

Check out Bohemian Bull Tavern and Beer Garden

Look no further if you are in the market for one of the best burger franchises; Bohemian Bull Tavern is your final destination.
When reviewing the burger industry, we recommend comparing our franchise opportunity with other fast casual and gourmet burger joints. We know that you will come to the same conclusion our customers have.
Contact Bohemian Bull Tavern to learn more about this fantastic franchise opportunity and become a franchise owner today.

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